Our Machines

We us the scorpion xps 3 carpet cleaning system which is one of the most powerfull portable carpet cleaning machines available on the market today.

This unique carpet cleaning system is capable of cleaning a carpet which is over 100foot away from the machine, the vacuum system on this machine uses 3 tripple stage ametech vacuum motors which is capable of moving over 300cfm of air, the solution pump will give up to 500psi.

This combination of high power vacuum and solution pressure means that your carpets will get a far superior and much deeper clean with the added bonus of faster drying times.

The distance the machine is capable of cleaning at can be extended up to 200foot by using the smaller mighty one booster system (both machines are shown in the picture above) which will also boost the cfm's from over 300cfm to over 400cfm and still pump the cleaning solution at up to 500psi.

Below is a video of the cleaning system in action filmed by Elite cleaning in lambertsville america

Watch the video below to see the cross american xps 3 (as shown above) clean a carpet at 100foot from the machine.

Above is Elite cleanings machines 


Above is our machines 

It has been said that the power of this machine is similar to that of the much larger 16 horse power Petrol powered Truck mounted cleaning systems due to the high pressure of the cleaning solution and the very high air flow (300 + cfm) 

The scorpion xps3 extraction machine is the choice for many Top professional cleaning companies due to the machines power and its ability to go where a petrol truckmount simply cant go.