Household carpet & upholstery cleaning

Carpet cleaning

Carpets are a big investment in your home, the soft fibers under foot, the warm comfortable feeling they give you, they also act as an air filter for your home, but they do need to be cleaned, most manufacturers recommend that its done at least once every 12 months.

Upholstery cleaning

like carpets upholstery will require cleaning to retain its luxurious look and feel.

like carpets the material the upholstery is made from is identfied and deep cleaned using the hot water extraction process, we use this process as it is the most thorough process available

 Spot and stain removal 

Accidents will happen and when they do we are here to help. We can remove most non set spots and stains from most wet cleanable carpets and upholstery, this includes 

Blood, Chewing gum, Grease, Lipstick, Makeup, Nail varnish, Oil, Paint, Rust, Soot, Tar,  urine, vomit, Wine, Wax 

And many more.

We offer spot and stain treatment as part of our cleaning service (as described below) or if an accident does happen then we can come and do a spot clean for you (clean and treat just the affected area)

DIY home treatment of spots and stains is not advised as this could further set the spot or stain.

Please also be aware that the nature of a stain is to permanently change the appearance and or texture of the material or fibers and as a result not all stains can be removed or improved. 






How we clean your carpets

Hot water extraction Cleaning process (better known as steam cleaning)


  1. Determine carpet type, color fastness and pre test
  2. Dry vacuuming
  3. Spotting, edging, pre spray and scrub if needed
  4. Hot water rinse extraction  
  5. Drying


1 Determining the carpet type

Determining carpet type can be done in several ways (sight, feel, texture, backing check, and more) once this is completed and the general makeup of the fibres known, a pre test is done by wetting a small hidden area with the appropriate cleaning solution for that type of carpet, and looking for any reaction.  Please be aware that some carpets cannot be cleaned by the hot water extraction method and must be dry cleaned.



2 Dry vacuuming

The first stage of the cleaning process once the carpet type has been identified is a thorough pre vacuuming, Vacuuming gets rid of up to 80%of the loose dust and grit being held in the carpet fibres. It removes dust that is hard to remove once damp. Failure to do this basic step can mean that this dirt is never properly removed and could lead to premature re soiling of the carpet.



3 Spotting, edging, pre spray and scrub

This next step involves treating any obvious spots and stains existing on the carpet, this ensures that each spot or stain is treated properly, maximizing the possibility of removal. After this we will pre spray the area to be cleaned with a pre cleaning detergent suitable for your carpet and if necessary scrub the pre spray into the pile of the carpet to evenly disperse the cleaning solution throughout the fibres to ensure that as much soil as possible can be removed, the pre spray is a detergent that aids the removal of the dirt from the carpet by breaking the bond between the dirt and the carpet fibres. We will then clean around all the edges of the room (even right into all the corners that we can get into) we will do this with the hand sized carpet spray extraction tool.



4 Hot water extraction

The hot water extraction is the main stage of the cleaning process. A high pressure water and rinse detergent solution is delivered to the carpet via a spray recovery wand linked to our high powered professional hot water extraction machine. This rinses the carpet clean of all the dirt and detergents we previously used to break down the dirt, the detergent used in the machine is used to aid the recovery of the previous detergents and also aids the recovery of all the dirt that was once deeply embedded in the fibres of your carpet (all cleaning solutions are carefully measured to ensure that maximum results can be achieved without leaving any detergent residue, leaving detergent residue in the carpet could attract dirt back into the fibres of the carpet and result in premature re soiling of the carpet)



The final stage of the process is the drying of the carpet. Once the cleaning of the carpet has been completed the hot water solution is turned off and several passes are made over the newly cleaned carpet with the cleanig wand to remove as much water as is possible, this will speed up the drying process allowing carpets to dry within hours rather than days. Forced drying can be used to speed up the drying process by the use of fans, this however is rarely required for general carpet cleaning, and more likely to be required for jobs such as flood cleanup where carpets are completely saturated with water. We can provide forced drying at a additional cost (please be aware that with forced drying your carpets will be dry much faster, however due to the large amounts of air being moved around the room in the forced drying process it is advisable that all breakable items must first be removed, this includes such items as flat screen TVs and all pictures hanging on the walls.)


 Areas we cover

Lanark, Carluke, Wishaw,Motherwell,Hamilton, East kilbride, Glasgow,Newmains,Whitburn,West Calder,Polbeth,Livingston,Broxburn,Bathgate,Edinburgh.

if your area is not listed above please contact us and we will do all we can to help.