Frequently asked Questions

Find answers to some of the most asked questions about carpet cleaning and the services we provide.


  • Why should i have my carpets cleaned professionally when i can do it myself ?
  • What carpet cleaning system do you use ?
  • What detergents do you use ?
  • How long will it take to dry ?
  • Do carpets get dirtier faster after they have been cleaned (rapid re soiling) ?
  • Can you guarantee that a stain will be removed ?
  • Is your company fully insured for this type of cleaning ?


Why should i have my carpets cleaned professionally when i can do it myself ?

DIY carpet cleaning is rarely a good idea because the machines and detergents are rarely up to the task,Most think that cleaning a carpet is as easy as hiring a machine filling the solution tank with soapy water and away you go, The unfortunate truth is this can lead to all sorts of problems such as color run, shrinkage, bleaching of the colors, over wetting the carpet, carpets seem to take forever to dry (usually around 2/3 days)

a professional carpet cleaner should have a lot more control over the cleaning and will be able to treat your carpets accordingly while doing the cleaning, leaving you with nice clean, fresh smelling carpets that should be dry in a few hours, not days and without wrecking your carpets.


What cleaning system do you use?

We use the industry's leading minimum 5 step cleaning process. Generally this is based on a Hot water extraction system to clean carpets.this involves the application of hot water mixed with exact measures of professional quality industry leading cleaning solutions.this system is extremely thorough.water temperatures can be controlled to match the individual needs of your carpet, a high powered vacuum is then employed to extract as much water and as possible.


What detergents do you use ?

we only use the best industry leading chemicals sourced from the leading manufacturers such as Prochem, Ashbys and Alltec, Details of the machines and detergents we use can be found at


How long will it take to dry ?

when we clean your carpets, depending on carpet type and level of soiling, it should take between 3 and 6 hours for carpets to dry. We would recommend that the room in which the carpet is being cleaned is well ventilated to assist in the drying process as air movement will help evaporate the residual water. forced drying can be employed using air movers which will speed up the drying process further.


Do carpets get dirtier faster after they have been cleaned ?

This might have been true 15 to 20 years ago, but not now, unless you do it your self and leave large amounts of detergent in the carpet fibers.

However a professional using todays industry standard machines and detergents should not leave any detergent residue that could attract dirt back on to the carpet.


can you guarantee that a stain can be removed ?

unfortunately no, while every effort is made to remove it we cannot guarantee that it will be completely removed, a stain is often permanent as the substance that caused the stain has damaged the fibers of the carpet fixing or changing the fibers appearance and or structure permanently. 


Is your business fully insured for this type of cleaning ?

yes we are fully insured to come into your home or premises and carry out the carpet and upholstery cleaning.


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